Outfitting Your Historic Shed

Tampa Architectural Salvage

I took a detour on my way through Tampa today and passed by Schiller’s Architectural Salvage. Of course, I had to stop – who could resist? They have pretty much everything you need to properly finish out a Historic Shed™ outbuilding, as well components to build it with extra character. Here’s some of today’s finds:

Salvaged wood shutters can be used on the inside or outside of a Historic Shed outbuilding
Salvaged wood shutters that can be used on the inside or outside of your shed. I’d love to design around a rustic element like this.
12' or taller barn doors - probably a bit large for most shed projects as is, but wow!
12′ or taller barn doors – probably a bit large for most shed projects as is, but wow!
You can build your own outbuilding with these salvaged pole barn pieces. Or use parts for rustic posts inside or out.
Fancy Windows
Salvaged windows in elaborate configurations can be incorporated into any Historic Shed design. Stained glass windows look great, too.
Salvaged Wood Windows
If one of the larger windows don’t work, there’s bound to be another window you like with a selection like this. We incorporate salvaged wood window sashes whenever we can in our sheds.
Salvaged louvered shutters have so many uses from room dividers to actually shuttering openings. Check out these clever salvaged shutter reuse ideas that would look great in your shed.
Every working shed needs a pulley somewhere. I bought Craig a wood pulley from an old barn for Christmas one year. It came complete with old barn scent, but he loves it.
Salvaged doorknobs
Doorknobs! They make attractive racks for hanging coats, towels or tools. Or check out these 11 ideas for reusing door knobs.
Every shed should be well lit – and by more than a bare bulb.
Corbels can be incorporated into shed eaves, under window boxes or be used to support shelves inside.
Salvaged balustrade for a cozy cottage porch or for a creative reuse project.

I did also try to stop by to see Steve at his new shop for Wood Window Makeover across the street, but no luck. It just means I have an excuse to stop by again!

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