Some Things Our Customers Say

Customer 10

“I can’t say enough good things about this company. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They will do exactly what they say they will do. The staff is good at following up and easy to communicate with. You really get your monies worth with this company.  I would recommend this company to anyone and will continue to use them. They are our go to company if we need anything done outside.” – Nancy M., Tampa, FL

Customer 11

“These people are great. My shed (art studio) is beautiful and passed the tough hurricane code requirements with no problems.” – Kathy J., Ormond Beach, FL

Customer 14

“My wife and I live in a lovely 1920’s bungalow in a historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. As those who live in bungalows can attest, they aren’t exactly spacious nor do they exactly live up to modern storage standards. We wanted more storage space but we didn’t want to destroy our home’s aesthetic by purchasing a plastic prefab shed. We started contacting shed companies and everyone we talked to couldn’t understand why a faux barn or some composite monstrosity wouldn’t be acceptable nestled among craftsmen, foursquares and cottages.

When I contacted Historic Shed they were very excited to take on our project. They asked for a photo of our house, which we were happy to oblige. Within a very short time of receiving our photo, they had sent us a plan for a structure that complemented our house’s architecture and matched the roof pitch and brackets.

When Historic Shed received our go ahead they pulled all the permits and made our case with Tampa’s ARC. The process went very smoothly and progressed quickly from approval to construction. The construction time was short and the crew was skilled and very professional. The shed is solid and when our neighbor (who builds luxury homes for a living), came over to see it, he remarked that it was really well constructed. We love our new shed. It’s freed our small house of clutter and we think it’s perfectly at home next to buildings 80 years its senior.” – Rob V., Tampa, FL

Customer 17

“Glenn and I couldn’t be more pleased with our new garden shed.  Craig spent a lot of time ‘tweeking’ and the pride he takes in his product is now obvious.  Again, we are very pleased and have started to ‘move in’ today.  Thank you for being so attentive to the finishing.  Will send pictures when we’re done installing walkway, plants, etc.  Your sheds need to be featured in home and garden magazines….they are unique!” – Marge L., Fruitland Park, FL

Customer 16

“Historic Sheds designed and built a beautiful artist cottage with windows and French doors in our backyard. They are extremely professional with overseeing each part of the construction. The walls are built offsite then delivered and put together in the yard. This is a lot more than your typical backyard shed! – it more like another small house that one could almost live in. The finished product looks like it’s been here for years and has become a stylish, functional feature in our backyard. I would definitely recommend this company.” – Judy T., Sarasota, FL

Customer 9

“They (carriage house doors) absolutely were a welcome sight…..I did not get home until three in the morning and after a long day of travel delays I was smiling ear to ear when I pulled into the driveway!!!! I am very impressed with the quality of the new doors and the hardware. I have gotten so many compliments from people walking by……I make sure to refer them all to your web site for more information.” – Randy H., Tampa, FL

Customer 1

“We had a large group of people visit this weekend. People who had never visited assumed the shed was original to the property; people who knew it was new were amazed that it ‘looks like it’s always been here!’ Good job!” – Randall L., Tampa, FL

Customer 4

“I want to tell you again how very pleased we are with everything and how well the whole process worked. You are both great to work with and I hope we were okay for you. The garage is beautiful and I even had a note on my door the other night from someone saying ‘I want to see your garage! Call me…her phone # and name.’ Maybe you will get business from it. Feel free to send people by to see it.” – Linda A., St. Petersburg, FL

Customer 18

“Pretty little garden storage shed. They did a great job- on time and they went above and beyond to work around some on site nuances peculiar to the placement/shed location.” – Andrea R., Gainesville, FL (Angie’s List Review)

Customer 2

“Love the cottage…can’t wait for my first guests. I bet it will always have visitors.” – Judy G., Tampa, FL

Customer 15

“Historic Shed is a custom and semi-custom builder and installer of garden sheds, guest cottages, garages and small cottages. They provide design help, architectural drawings, building off site and installing on site. I was looking for something aesthetically pleasing and well built….not the usual run-of-the-mill fabricated shed that is seen all over. Historic Shed provides architectural details on their buildings that make them stand out. The windows and doors are of the highest quality and the hardware used makes a statement. Historic Shed is a small company owned and operated by the Peck’s who oversee every aspect of the project. The carpenters are as proud of their work as are the owners. They are easy to work with, reliable and completed the project in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality.” – Patrica B., Orlando, FL

Customer 3

“I live in a bungalow that was built in 1925. When I purchased the house, it had a funky old shed that totally creeped me out to enter. I am a gardener so I had to go in it often to access my supplies. Ick! I decided that I needed something nicer, so I started pricing pre-built sheds. They were expensive, not historic & UGLY. I had some plans drawn for a shed & got some prices for all the trades I would need- carpenter, roofer, painter- for a tiny shed! It all added up to too much plus, I had just completed the restoration of a 1907 Victorian & needed a rest. I called Historic Shed & was happily surprised at the price they quoted for everything! Because of their great reputation, I even let them pick the hardware & design the doors. I never let anybody choose for me but I was tired of making choices. I was thrilled with the doors & the wonderful hinges they brought. The best part was that it was installed in just over a day. I am sure that it would have been a month long project with all the trade co-ordinating that would have had to have been done to built it. I now have a shed that is the mini-me version of my beautiful bungalow. It holds everything I need & it is clean & fresh. I am looking forward to another season of gardening so I can visit it!” – Suzanne P., Tampa, FL