6 Ways Historic Shed Can Help You Get Ready for the Holidays

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Stores have already had Christmas trees on display for couple of weeks – and Halloween is barely passed – so we know the pressure of holiday preparations is about to start. Unlike many small businesses, the holiday season isn’t a big push time here at Historic Shed. It’s rare that someone buys a shed as a gift (although wouldn’t your husband be thrilled if you gave him his own man-cave with a big red bow on the door?) and wood window screens are hard to wrap. That’s not to say that Historic Shed can’t help you around the holidays though. The holidays require more than shopping;  your house needs to be ready for guests, too. Here’s some ways we can help:

  1. Saint Petersburg Screen DoorSpruce up the outside of your old house so it looks picture perfect. Wood window screens and screen doors add a great finishing accent to historic homes, particularly when painted a contrasting color. Plus they allow you to open windows and doors without letting mosquitoes attack your guests. Imagine how thrilled your northern guests will be when they leave the snow behind and get to enjoy open windows! Foundation lattice is another attractive detail that makes a historic house worthy of being featured on the annual Christmas card.
  2. Clean up the inside of your home to make room for the festivities. Wouldn’t your house be just perfect if it didn’t seem so cluttered? Does it feel extra crowded around the holidays with decorations and company abounding? An attractive storage shed can provide temporary storage for collectibles, or long term storage for these things that never seem to have found a home, and then provide a place to put your decorations away after the season is over. They look awful cute with a wreath on the door, too. As  a plus, a well-designed shed will enhance your yard year round.
  3. Entertain Outdoors. Florida weather is downright lovely during the holidays. Why make everyone stay inside when you can move the party outside? Our pavilion makes a great gathering spot or outdoor kitchen.
  4. Need a place for your guests to stay? Making Aunt Wendy sleep on the sofa or blow-up bed again this year in the Living Room? Or squeezing guests into the kids’ room? Our Guest Cottage is an affordable alternative to building an addition to your home, without the hassles of construction. And it makes a great home office or retreat during the times when your life is guest-free.
  5. Get away from it all. Sometimes the holidays can be a bit overwhelming. Give yourself the gift of a place to hide out and get away from it all with a finished shed.
  6. Gift shopping at Historic Shed. Get creative with your gift shopping this year. We offer small storage units, like the bench on the right, that will be appreciated by anyone on your list, custom screen doors, or gift certificates to help someone buy their dream shed. And if you don’t shop with us, please try to support as many small, local businesses this season; you’ll find one-of-a-kind gifts at great prices while supporting your neighbors and community.Porch storage seat
Posted on November 4, 2011 4:08 pm

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