A Historic Shed for the New Year

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Like many small businesses, we at Historic Shed are not unhappy to see 2009 end. Overall the year was good to us, but it was filled with uncertainty and unease, making it harder to truly enjoy the ups and more fearful during the downs. We have much more optimistic hopes for 2010 and will make every effort possible to make it a great year, even if it just means relaxing a little so we can ride the highs and lows with greater comfort. Part of that is resolving to do all things better in 2010, including making sustainability an even bigger priority, reducing distractions and being as efficient as possible in all aspects of business and personal life.

As we gone through our New Year’s resolutions, we’ve also looked at how Historic Shed can help with some of your resolutions to make 2010 all that it can be. While we probably can’t assist with some typical self-improvement resolutions like stopping smoking or drinking, eating better or finding a soul-mate, our Historic Shed line can be of assistance with the following traditional New Year resolutions:

  • Get organized. Get your tools, toys, holiday decorations, sports equipment, bikes, cans of paint, or pretty much anything in order by placing them in a storage shed complete with shelves, hooks, cabinets, or loft storage space. We can create a shed in nearly any size or shape for nearly any purpose to help you get your clutter under control and accessible. A shed can do more than free up garage or yard space as well; you can empty entire rooms in your house by using a shed as a home office, craft or hobby room, or as conditioned storage space by insulating the shed walls and roof and installing a small wall air-conditioner.
  • Lose weight and get in shape. A shed can make a great home gym, yoga room or workout space. Instead of storing workout equipment under the bed or in the closet (and never taking it out), give it a dedicated space of its own. This way the treadmill won’t end up covered in discarded clothing and is available for use at a moment’s notice. As a bonus, you have a private space for working out, free from distractions.
  • Start your own business. One of the best places to start a fledgling business is from home, but finding a quiet, dedicated space to work can be difficult. A shed with a finished interior and climate control can provide the perfect home office, allowing you to keep work and home life separate while keeping costs low.
  • Spend more time with family and friends. Clear out a spare bedroom in your house by moving stuff out to a shed so your guests feel welcome and comfortable instead of sharing space with the family computer or sewing machine. Another option is to build a shed for use as a guest cottage so your company is nearby but not in the way. A shed can also be transformed into a great focal space for entertaining, serving as a bar or outdoor kitchen.
  • Get your budget under control. Move your bill paying area off the kitchen table into its own space free of distractions into a shed set up as a home office. You’ll find you plan better and stress less.
  • Learn something new. Plan to take up painting this year, learn stained glass making or finally put together the family scrapbook? A shed can be transformed into a great hobby room that allows you to leave your masterpiece or collection undisturbed and out of the way between work sessions. It also is the perfect complement to gardening hobbies.
  • Reduce stress at work. Working from home several days a week can reduce stress from commuting and office politics, but only if the work space is out of the path of home life. A shed can provide a perfect home office, free from the clamor of children and television and able to be closed up during non-work hours so you can leave work behind on the weekend and evenings.
  • Go back to school. Give yourself the best chance for success by providing a dedicated study room in your own back yard with a custom shed, wired and internet ready.

As you choose how to shape your new year, remember that the best resolutions are the ones that you can easily keep, and ones that you always think about but never do. We wish you a great 2010, filled with amazing opportunities, and would love to be a part of your next historic home improvement project.

Posted on January 2, 2010 10:41 pm

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