A (Nearly) Instant Garage Transformation

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We were recently contacted by the owners of a lovely 1940s Mission style home who could not find a suitable replacement  garage door for their home. Since the door opening is a non-standard size, it required a custom replacement door, quoted at $7000 from an overhead garage door supplier. Luckily, they saw one of our signs in front of another project we’d recently completed and called us. Below are photos of the before and after.

The old doors consisted of plywood sheets with trim applied. The bottoms had rotted and the trim, which was meant for interior application, was crumbling. The effect was not terrible from the street, but they looked pretty bad close up.

The new doors, constructed of cypress bead board, are much sturdier than the old plywood doors and look more appropriate on the home. The heavy duty hinges are set off nicely by the white paint.

Since the garage is attached to the house, the doors are very visible from the street and make a big impact on the home’s curb appeal. For more information (and pricing) on our carriage house style doors go to https://historicshed.com/historic-home-accessories/carriage-house-style-doors/.

Posted on October 7, 2011 10:47 am
  1. Steven

    Huge improvement and great job on the doors. It is shocking how much is being charged on garage doors now a day. Thank you for the info. This is definitely worth the recommendation.


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