A Space of Your Own

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I’ve taken note that two of my girlfriends have recently carved out some personal space in their home. One took over a portion of a bedroom recently vacated by a relative for crafts; the other set up a scrap-booking workspace in the garage. This got me thinking about how we all need a space of our own to work, be creative, to escape, even if we have to sit in a garage to escape and do it.

Ideally our personal space should enhance our creativity, be a sanctuary with peace and quiet but stimulating to the senses at the same time. I like to think that quality of space is part of the creative enhancement quota too, with an attractive interior, windows or French doors to gaze out at the garden, and with no view of the dirty dishes or other mundane chores in sight.

A garden shed or cottage can provide the perfect sanctuary (more-so than a spot in the garage). Since it’s small, you can be extra creative when you finish out the interior, letting it reflect your personality. You can use classic details like real wood floors, elaborate tile, or beadboard walls that might be too expensive for a larger space. Or you can try out a funky arrangement of salvaged materials that you might not be brave (or crazy) enough to install in the main house. Paint murals on the walls, install a tile mosaic, or just paint it bright colors that enhance the spirit.

A space to create, a space to unwind, a space to find your inner muse. What do you envision yours to be like?

Posted on August 16, 2011 12:38 am
  1. kathryn

    I would like something that I could read quietly in, or sew with a place to hide the material & stuff when not used & then a place to do crafty stuff—fabric glue, macrame, colage. So I want something that I can go to a wall( with windows) and do the quiet things . Yes the grandkids could join in “sometimes” too. So it would have to be large enough for them too.


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