Aripeka Small Buildings

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Aripeka Historic Marker located by the Post Office

Other than a few new McMansions that have crept in, most buildings in the historic Gulf Coast town of Aripeka, FL are pretty small. Quaint and picturesque, set next to the Gulf of Mexico with spectacular sunsets every night, it’s easy to envision a simpler coastal lifestyle in Aripeka. In particular, this quaint stilt shack that is less than 500 sf, built far out over the marsh makes one think of relaxing days swinging in a hammock with a cold drink in hand.

The owner of this Aripeka cottage can be seen hitting golf balls into the sunset many evenings

Located on part of the Old Dixie Highway, the former Aripeka Post Office, next door to the newer (yet not much larger) Post Office built in the 1950s, also is a reminder of simpler days. It appears to be under 200 sf.

Tiny Aripeka Post Office

Old Aripeka Post Office

Aripeka Post Office in use from 1921 to 1952, built with boards salvaged from a nearby turpentine factory according to

Posted on July 18, 2011 9:20 pm