Bungalow Garages from American Bungalow

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American Bungalow magazine has republished a great article on Bungalow Garages from its Winter 2000 issue on its website. The article has great background information on the development of the garage as a building type, as well as appropriate design features, and ways to adapt for modern use. The article can be viewed at http://www.americanbungalow.com/2010/07/the-bungalow-garage/.

Garages are a significant contributing element to historic properties, adding both charm and function when properly maintained. Historic garages typically can be fairly easily repaired, with missing architectural elements replaced and traditional-looking, yet modern-functioning elements used. There are several benefits to retaining a historic garage instead of building new. Repairing a historic garage maintains original historic fabric at your historic property. In addition, they are already designed to complement your home; are built with traditional, old growth materials; and many historic garages are built within new zoning setbacks, allowing you to make use of areas of your yard that would be off-limits if you built new.

If you are not lucky enough too have a historic garage in place, a new garage that complements your historic home can be designed by the professionals at Historic Shed that blends seamlessly into your property and is built with traditional materials and methods that are time-tested for the Florida climate, while meeting modern requirements.

Posted on July 28, 2010 3:23 pm

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