Feng Shui and Your Garden Shed Office

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Article by Lloyd Burrell
So you have set up your office in your garden shed. You’ve heard of Feng Shui but you are wondering what it can possibly do for you. By using the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui you can create a dramatic shift in your work life to bring about productivity, peace and profit in your garden shed office.

Follow these 5 steps:

Step 1 : Clear Your Office Clutter

It’s not because your office is set up in your garden shed that it will be clutter free. On the contrary, given that space limitations may be more predominant, this could be an even bigger issue.

You see it’s about more than just staying organized, Feng Shui deals with energies. The peculiarity of physical clutter is that it ties up the energy available for getting things done.

Tidy away your cables and wire. Bundle up any unpleasant looking tangles and run them under the carpet or secure them against a wall.

For any projects that you aren’t working on right now create accessible storage.

We all have a tendency to collect unnecessary items on your desk top, this needs to be addressed. Your desk top should have the minimal amount of items on it that are necessary to get the task in hand done.

Clear your work space, even if you have to transfer piles of paperwork into boxes. Once your desktop is physically clear take a deep breath and feel the shift start to happen.

Once you have cleared out your office clutter you need to be vigilant about keeping your work space clutter free.

Step 2 : Make Sure Your Desk Fits Energetically

Look at where your desk is situated. To take energetic command of your office you need to put your desk in the corner farthest from the entrance.

You should be facing the door when sitting at your desk, as this is where your business will symbolically “come in”. When facing the door you are welcoming business into your life, rather than turning your back on it.

You need to create a solid “mountain” of supportive energy behind you. Having the corner of the room behind you accomplishes this. This can be reinforced with a good, tall plant in a sturdy pot or a large painting of a mountain or a sculpture.

Even if you have placed yourself auspiciously your efforts will be undermined if your desk is not a good energetic “fit”.

Depending on your personality and what you want to accomplish in your office, you may want a traditional style desk to preside behind (power). But something open with clean lines and lots of visibility (flow) like a Techni Mobili Computer desk may be more suitable for your garden shed office.

Step 3 : Office Decoration
Sure you can decorate your garden shed office as you like but by using colors and elements of the Earth you can promote strength and stability.

Feng Shui earth colors include earth tones such as beige, sand, pale yellow, so if your garden shed has a wooden interior you should be ok on this score.

There are two areas of your office which are particularly important for strengthening your business relationships with clients, employees and mentors.

To influence your personal and business relationships focus on the back right corner when looking in from the front door, and the corner immediately to the right of the front door to influence your mentors.

You can create positive changes in these areas of your garden shed by placing symbolic items to protect, nourish and harmonize these relationships in your life.

Step 4 : How To Make Cash Flow

Water is traditionally used in Feng Shui to enhance wealth. Place a small fountain, aquarium, or even a print of a water scene in the the back left corner of your office when looking in from the front door. This influences the flow of money: watch a river of money flow to you.

Use something made out of wood in this area of your office as well to encourage the vitality and growth of all the blessings in your life, including your wealth and prosperity, According to Feng Shui, wood is the ancient cure for prosperity and wealth.

Step 5 : Make The Future Now

As you step into your garden shed office, understand that you are influencing your Journey.
The space directly in front of you front door influences your destiny. It is the section of your office which energetically affects your path through life.

In a working office, you don’t want to have the front door blocked, just as you wouldn’t want your destiny blocked. In this way you can fill your future with a symbolic intention.

Welcome mats, a symbol hanging above the door, or soft music that greets you as you walk in can all represent and influence the future you are creating.

Fill these areas now with intention.

Don’t be fooled Feng Shui can work wonders for your personal well being and your businesses prosperity. Incorporate these principles into your office garden shed set up and take your business to the next level!

About the Author:

Lloyd Burrell trained as an auditor before setting up his own business, he has thrived in an office environment all of his working life. He currently lives with his wife, 2 children and Sarah, the cat in the Charente Maritime (near Bordeaux), on the beautiful Atlantic coast of France. Lloyd integrates fully the Feng Shui principles in his office set up, his personal choice being bush office desk furniture which is both functional and aesthetic.

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