Floral City Porch Project

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Floral City is a darling town located in Citrus County with a collection of historic buildings dating from the 1860s and later. The area experienced a large boom during the 1890s as phosphate mining became a major industry, and the town at one point had a population of over 10,000 people. The phosphate industry left by the 1920s, leaving behind Folk Victorian homes surrounded by giant live oaks. Visitors today can stop at the collection of quaint shops, including the wonderful Florida Artists Gallery and Cafe.

Historic Shed was lucky to work on one of the early homes in the historic district, built c. 1883. The project was small, and included screening a portion of the wrap-around porch and installing a few wood window screens. Here’s how it came out:

The existing historic home

Unique porch details


The back left side of the porch was to be enclosed. However, the turned columns, railing and beam location didn’t lend itself to easy insertion of new screens.

New railing to match the original

New framing installed for the screen inserts

New screened porch with new railing to match the original

A screened door leads off the rear of the newly screened porch.

A view from inside the new screened porch.

A screened door leads off the rear of the newly screened porch.

Installing new wood window screens.

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