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One-Car Garages

Gable Garage
Gable Roof One-Car Garage
Additional storage can be added to any garage with a shed roofed bump out
Additional storage can be added to any garage with a shed roofed bump out

Historic Shed™ offers customizable 12’x20′, 14’x20′, and larger one-car garages with 8′ or 9′ wide overhead garage doors faced with carriage house door overlay to meet your needs. The garages are available in both gable and hipped roof versions with roof slope and eave details to match your home. Additional features and details are available such as eave brackets, outriggers and gable-end vents to complement your home. Historic Shed™ Garages meet or exceed Florida Building Code requirements. All Historic Shed™ Garages can be finished on the interior with 3/8″ plywood for added strength.

Hipped Garage
Hipped Roof One-Car Garage


Select plans for Historic Shed garages are available at: Additional plans will be added soon.

One-Car Garage Pricing

Common Garage OptionsPrice
Standard 12'x20' One-Car Garage with 8' wide overhead door$13,440.00 *
Standard 12'x22' One-Car Garage with 8' wide overhead door$14,785.00 *
Standard 12'x24' One-Car Garage with 8' wide overhead door$16,125.00 *
Standard 14'x20' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$15,400.00 *
Standard 14'x22' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$16,940.00 *
Standard 14'x24' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$18,480.00 *
Standard 16'x20' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$17,920.00 *
Standard 16'x22' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$19,360.00 *
Standard 16'x24' One-Car Garage with 9' wide overhead door$21,120.00 *
3' Board and Batten Door w/ heavy duty hinges $400.00
Wood WindowsStarting at $320.00 each
Single Wood French DoorStarting at $480.00
Double Wood French DoorsStarting at $990.00
Jerkinhead/ Clipped Gable Ends (Gable Garages only)$450.00
Brackets/ OutriggersStarting at $50 each
Metal Roof (5-V Crimp or Corrugated)Call for a price
Need further customizing?Call us!

* Not including concrete slab foundation. Installed within within 75 miles of our Brooksville facility (including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ocala and Gainesville). We offer delivery and setup throughout the rest of Florida for an additional charge (such as Sarasota, Ormond Beach, West Palm Beach).

Interested in building your own? Buy plans here:

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