MiMo Shed


The Historic Shed MiMo custom storage shed has a shed roof shape and outriggers supporting wide eaves. This shed is the perfect complement to Mid-century Modern (MiMo) homes or for owners of non-traditional homes who prefers a more contemporary shape. The base shed comes with cypress batten doors, but it also looks great with single or paired French doors (as shown above) or an all-glass roll-up door. All Historic Sheds arrive fully painted to your color choice.

Mid Century Modern Home Office Shed MiMo She Shed MiMo Home Office

The MiMo Shed is available in the following standard sizes:

Shed Size*Wall HeightPrice**
6'x8'7' rear, 8' front$ 3,700.00
8'x8'7' rear, 8' front$ 3,880.00
8'x10'7' rear, 8' front$ 4,860.00
8'x12'7' rear, 8' front$ 5,800.00
10'x10'7' rear, 8' front$ 5,800.00
10'x12'7' rear, 8' front$ 6,700.00
10'x14'7' rear, 8' front$ 7,800.00
10'x16'7' rear, 8' front$ 8,800.00
12'x12'7' rear, 9' front$ 7,900.00
12'x14'7' rear, 9' front$ 9,140.00

* Additional sizes available. Call for pricing.

** Installed within within 65 miles, or roughly 75 minute drive of our Brooksville facility (including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ocala). Historic Shed ™ outbuildings can be delivered and installed throughout the rest of Florida for an additional charge (such as Sarasota, Ormond Beach, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee).

Common OptionsPrice
Wood WindowStarting at $320.00 each
Single-light Wood French Door$500.00
Double Wood French Doors$10000.00
Board and Batten SidingCall for Price
Outriggers$50 each
Metal Roof (5-V Crimp or Corrugated)Call for Price
Concrete SlabCall for Price
Need further customizing?Call us!

Want to incorporate your favorite stained glass window or already have a door in storage? Call us and we may be able to incorporate it into your Historic Shed. Don’t see exactly what you want? We can create a customized design to meet your exact needs.