MiMo Sheds

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The Historic Shed MiMo custom storage shed has a shed roof shape and outriggers supporting wide eaves. This shed is the perfect complement to Mid-century Modern (MiMo) homes or for owners of non-traditional homes who prefers a more contemporary shape. The base shed comes with cypress batten doors, but it also looks great with single or paired French doors (as shown above) or an all-glass roll-up door. All Historic Sheds arrive fully painted to your color choice.

The MiMo Shed is available in the following standard sizes:

Shed Size*Wall HeightPrice**
6'x8'7' rear, 8' front$3,120.00
8'x8'7' rear, 8' front$ 4,160.00
8'x10'7' rear, 8' front$ 5,200.00
8'x12'7' rear, 8' front$ 6,240.00
10'x10'7' rear, 8' front$ 6,500.00
10'x12'7' rear, 8' front$ 7,800.00
10'x14'7' rear, 8' front$ 9,100.00
10'x16'7' rear, 8' front$ 10,400.00
12'x12'7' rear, 9' front$ 9,360.00
12'x14'7' rear, 9' front$ 10,920.00
12'x16'7' rear, 9' front$ 12,480.00
12'x18'7' rear, 9' front$ 14,040.00
12'x20'7' rear, 9' front$ 15,600.00

* Additional sizes available. Call for pricing.

** Installed within within 65 miles, or roughly 75 minute drive of our Brooksville facility (including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ocala). Historic Shed ™ outbuildings can be delivered and installed throughout the rest of Florida for an additional charge (such as Sarasota, Ormond Beach, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee).

Common OptionsPrice
Wood WindowStarting at $530.00 each
Single-light Wood French Door$580.00
Double Wood French Doors$1200.00
Board and Batten SidingCall for Price
Outriggers$50 each
Metal Roof (5-V Crimp or Corrugated)Call for Price
Concrete SlabCall for Price
Need further customizing?Call us!

Want to incorporate your favorite stained glass window or already have a door in storage? Call us and we may be able to incorporate it into your Historic Shed. Don’t see exactly what you want? We can create a customized design to meet your exact needs.