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Jo-Anne Peck, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author Many historic neighborhoods send out regular newsletters to their members with updates on local events and neighborhood projects. These newsletters are great for fostering a strong community and allowing a dialog about the neighborhood’s future. They are generally laid out by dedicated volunteers who often depend on other volunteers to provide relevant, interesting articles. As a volunteer editor of a non-profit historic preservation organization newsletter myself, I know that schedules don’t always allow all the promised articles to materialize when promised, and “filler” articles may be needed to make the pages lay out properly. Of course, these articles need address topics relevant to the neighborhood. Due to copyright concerns, suitable articles may be difficult to find even with the great resources of the internet.

To help local historic neighborhood newsletter editors, we are now offering a series of historic preservation related articles that can be used through EzineArticles.com that we hope help promote both an awareness of historic preservation issues and encourage neighborhood improvements. The articles on the site are available free for use with a few minor terms of service from EzineArticles (such as crediting the article source). We will continue to write more articles regularly, and welcome ideas for topics you would like to see addressed. We can also provide illustrations for many of the articles (email: design at historicshed dot com). The articles can also be used as blog posts for neighborhood websites.

Topics so far include:

  • Benefits of Historic Preservation
  • Choosing a Wood Screen Door
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing to Repair Or Replace Historic Wood Windows
  • How to Camouflage Inappropriate Replacement Windows on Your Historic Home
  • Improving the Energy Efficiency of Historic Homes
  • Planning an Outbuilding For Your Historic Home
  • Reasons to Keep Your Historic Wood Windows
  • The Solution to Creating the Perfect Home Office
  • Wood Window Screens For Your Historic Home

Additionally, you can search the millions of articles on every topic imaginable on the EzineArticles site or submit articles yourself.

Posted on June 24, 2009 2:24 pm
  1. Backyard Getaway

    Jo-Anne you are always so full of great ideas! Your blogs would make a great addition to any neighborhood newsletter.


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