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We started our HistoricShed Twitter account back in October 2008. Like many first time Twitter users, when we created an account, we clicked on the few tabs on the sidebar, made an innocuous tweet to see if anything happened, then signed off confused about what all the hype was about. Since it didn’t seem too interesting or useful, we didn’t bother to sign back on. After a few months we got an email telling us that we had our first follower. And not just any follower, a follower who had a written a beautiful book on sheds that we really admired. So, after following her back, we began to post “tweets” every once in a while so we wouldn’t disappoint the one person who felt us worthy of following. We also started to find other great people who posted information on sheds, historic preservation, green building, traditional architecture… every topic we are interested in. The next thing we knew, we had 200, then 500, and now over 2,000 “friends” (people that follow you and that you follow)! We make an effort to tweet only information related to our interests, including historic preservation, architecture, and of course, shed.

We have become big fans of Twitter as a source of filtered, targeted information on the web. And we started building on-line relationships with people throughout the world. To share some of the great Historic Preservation-related people and organizations that we have found, we created a preservation list of Twitter users. You can follow all in one click, or pick and chose those that interest you most.

Posted on October 26, 2009 2:03 pm

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