Historic Storytown Small Buildings

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Small building design inspiration can come from many places if you are on the look out. Below are some small buildings located at the Great Escape, a Six Flags amusement park located in Lake George, NY. The park originally opened in 1954 and was named Storytown. Many of these little buildings date from the original nursery rhyme themed park, making them officially historic (over 50 years old).  While you may not want a shed shaped like a pumpkin, there are design elements that may give you some inspiration.

StorytownTudor Tiny HousePink Tiny HouseTiny House with CupolaI didn’t get photos of all the great little structures since there were so many, but hopefully this gives you a sense of the variety of character you can have with tiny buildings and sheds if you are creative with design elements.

Posted on July 9, 2011 8:25 pm
  1. Shawn Beckwith

    Thanks for the memories. It has been about 40 years since I visited Storytown. Back in the day before the 1970’s gas crunch the adirondacks had many cool places like this, Land of
    Make believe, Frontiertown. Santa’s Workshop is the only remaining theme park.


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