Introducing Carmela

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The newest member of the Historic Shed family

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids down to Hernando County Animal Control and picked out a very friendly long haired, tortoise shell  cat to keep us company at the Historic Shed office. She is now the main greeter at Historic Shed as well as the chief coffee spiller. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, she is every bit as friendly as she seemed at the pound, and likes to spend her time behind my head sitting on top of the back of my chair. The only drawback so far to Carmela’s presence has been the ability to rotate my computer screen by walking on the keyboard (CTL + ALT + arrow keys will right this problem) and knocking the phone off the hook all night. She was named by our son who wanted to call her Caramel because of her coloring, but which we modified to suit a lady cat.

UPDATE: Carmela didn’t last as a shop cat very long. One week when the guys were all out of town on a job, I came home to two kids with high fevers. Needing to stay home full time with the kids while they recovered, I didn’t have time to go back and forth to the office to take care of the cat, so I brought her home. She’s been happily lounging at our home ever since.

Posted on July 4, 2012 10:22 am

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