Make the Most of Every Part of Your Yard

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Most of us have unused space in our yards, even when we think we don’t. One typically underutilized area is on the side of narrow lot homes. These areas often serve only as rarely-used passageways, filled with utility boxes and AC units and ignored in landscaping plans. However, places like the narrow side of the house shown in this photo have actually proven to be perfect spots for adding storage.

For this location, Historic Shed built a custom shed with bi-fold doors that allowed it to fit the very narrow space between the house and fence. The shed was constructed of cypress, a naturally rot resistant Florida wood, ensuring that it will outperform an earlier pine shed that the owners has bought from a northern company that had rotted. Outfitted with shelves and hooks, the shed holds yard tools and potting equipment.

Posted on June 1, 2010 4:02 pm

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