A Place for Privacy

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There’s an open community of bloggers that I’ve been wistfully following for months. The informal group, called Let’s Blog Off, writes on set topics that range from childhood wishes to thumbtacks and everything in between. It’s always interesting to see how the participants respond to the topics – all starting at the same place but ending up in sometimes vastly different directions.  This month, the topic is “Privacy”, and while there are various takes on the subject, many of the blog posts today have focused on the very contemporary problem of internet privacy. Being a bit more traditional, however, my first thoughts flew to ideas of old-fashioned privacy – having a private place to think and create without distraction or criticism.

Growing up, I was always seeking out places to paint, draw, read and think – usually retreating to my bedroom, or even the basement of my parents’ house. As I moved off to a noisy college dorm, I had to go to the library or student union – learning to seek privacy in public places. Now that I am married, have children and am a business owner, I no longer have the luxury of much alone time, and find I fill my rare times of solitude catching up on housework or working on the computer instead of the creative pursuits that used to give me peace. I have a whole house, but no place that is solely my own.

As the kids grow older and spend more time off with their friends, I expect that I will find time reopening in my life. The problem will be to not let work, and email, and social media suck away the regained moments.  One of the best ways I can think of is to have a private space of my own, sans computer, where I can regain my center. Where this space will be is yet to be determined.

Since we are in the shed building business, I covet every full size shed that leaves our shop. I see all the possibilities of each one as a place to get away for some quiet time and have time with my private thoughts. How they are actually used once we leave the shop could be much less romantic, filled with lawn mowers and rakes. We do actually have three of our sheds at our home, but they are small, hiding the garbage cans, storing wood and tools. None are suited to become my own personal space. Perhaps the next one?

Maybe I can have one of these?

Posted on September 27, 2011 11:55 am