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If you are considering a custom shed for your yard, it’s always a good idea to look first at examples of other sheds to help generate ideas and make sure you get the look you want with the options you want. One of the bests sources of shed design ideas are coffee table type books filled with great photographs to peruse and dream about. Some of our favorites are listed on our Shed Books page on our website. Please note that there are several pages of books nested on the page; some really good books are located on the additional pages. Nearly all of these books sit on our bookshelves or next to the bed.

Another great source of inspiration is other people’s photos. Sheds are naturally photogenic, so sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and the multitude of other photo sharing sites are filled with shed images. Type in the search word “shed” and you will get upwards of 30,000 images on each site! To see a slightly smaller,  pre-screened set of shed photos, check out the Just Sheds group on Flickr. The group is run by shed aficionado Uncle Wilco, who also has a great web site filled with photographs posted by shed owners throughout the world, (you will even see some of our custom sheds posted there by happy owners).

We also have been trying to amass our own collection of historic shed images, both historic images and new photos of historic outbuildings. For now, we post them mostly to our Historic Shed Facebook fan page, but at some point will try to have them integrated with the main website. We welcome any additions to the collection, so please email them to us or feel free to post to the Facebook page to share with other shed lovers.
Posted on January 14, 2010 1:21 am

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