Small Buildings in Congress Park

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I am spending a week in my home town of Saratoga Springs, NY and have been busy snapping photos of small historic buildings (which are quite plentiful in this area) for my reference collection. Saratoga Springs has a long and interesting history of development including the Battle of Saratoga (the turning point of the Revolutionary War) and development as a health resort, gambling center, spa and horse racing center during the later half of the 1880s. Saratoga continues to be a thriving city attracting thousands of visitors for its spas, history, intense charm, arts centers and horse racing.

The National-Register listed Congress Park is centrally located in downtown Saratoga on Broadway. It sports several mineral springs, historic sculpture and fountains, natural and manicured gardens and the historic Canfield Casino within its 17 acres. Here’s a tour of some small structures and historic features in the Park.

Columbian Spring - Mineral Spring fountain pavilion

Congress Spring Reconstructed Pavilion

Plaque at Congress Spring

Mineral Spring Fountain

Congress Park Bandstand built in 1931 replacing an earlier bandstand in the same location

The infamous 1870s Canfield Casino has been the home of the Saratoga Springs History Museum since 1911

Gothic Revival Staircase in Congress Park, Memorial to Katrina Trask, author and philanthropist

Triton statue in the "Spit and Spat" fountain

Plaque telling the history of the Triton fountain, known as Spit and Spat

Congress Park Sun Dial engraved with "Noiseless falls the foot of time which only treads on Flowers"

Satyr Statue

Spirit of Life Statue by Daniel Chester French with background designed by Henry Bacon, commissioned by Spencer Trask, banker and financier, 1915

New pavilion in Congress Park housing the historic Kaydeross Park carousel (carved in 1910)

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