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Small Storage Sheds

Need more storage space but don’t have room for a large shed? Try one of our Historic Shed™ small storage units that can be placed against a wall or a fence.

Small storage shed
Thin Gable
Small Storage Shed
Thin Shed
cabinet shed
Locker Shed
Recycling Shed
Garbage Can
Small shed
Wood Storage Bench


Historic Shed™  small storage sheds are reduced size units that fit on porches or on the side or rear of the house with the same strength and classic detailing as as our large sheds and garages. These sheds are perfect for yard tool storage, covering water heaters, lawn mower storage, hiding pool equipment or storing anything else that needs a small home. We also offer storage benches, perfect to accent your porch while providing much-needed hidden space.

Like our larger Historic Sheds, our small wood storage sheds can be customized to complement your existing historic Florida home, incorporating siding, trim or other details to make it unique. Interiors can be customized as well with shelves, hooks or other devices to meet your special storage needs.

  • Smaller size storage units that can be attached to an existing wall or fence or can be free standing
  • Sturdy construction and materials
  • Traditional detailing
  • Painted to your color specifications
  • Perfect on porches, carports or against a fence or wall
  • Shipping is available for most of the small sheds
  • Have a special storage need for a particular space? Contact us and we’ll design it together

Our Small Sheds are like adding an attractive exterior closet. They can be used to hide exterior water heaters, AC units, store lawn equipment and tools, manage toy clutter, hide pool equipment…. the possible uses are nearly endless!

Small Shed Projects

6 Ways Historic Shed Can Help You Get Ready for the Holidays

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Ultimate Backyard Makeover Shed

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Before the advent of indoor plumbing, the outhouse was an outbuilding familiar to all. Now, thankfully, they are merely a curiosity that photograph well in the landscape. Below are some images of historic outhouses from the Florida State Archives. Although rustic, compare them to their modern day counterparts: the Port-o-Let, which have no charm but all the…

Chinsegut Hill Shed

Chinsegut Hill Shed

Historic Shed is an offshoot of Preservation Resource, Inc., a historic preservation consulting company. Under the PRI umbrella, we have worked on a variety of historic building projects, including the Tampa Interstate Study project in Ybor City. More recently, we began a project near our Historic Shed shop in Brooksville at the Chinsegut Hill Manor House. Settled…

Make the Most of Every Part of Your Yard

Make the Most of Every Part of Your Yard

Most of us have unused space in our yards, even when we think we don’t. One typically underutilized area is on the side of narrow lot homes. These areas often serve only as rarely-used passageways, filled with utility boxes and AC units and ignored in landscaping plans. However, places like the narrow side of the…

A Historic Shed Storage Building for a Side Yard

Not all sheds have to be freestanding in the backyard. Side yards can provide much needed storage areas and go from barely used to extremely useful with the proper shed set next to the side of a house. Sheds can range in size from large to small, depending on your storage needs and allowable space.…

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