Small Storage Options

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Bigger isn’t always better. While it seems that it should be the case when it comes to storage sheds, a huge shed may mean that you accumulate more stuff than you need or that you don’t get rid of items you should (think of the huge barns filled with stuff on American Pickers). Other times you just don’t have room for a large shed in the yard but still need somewhere to put your outdoor “stuff”.

When choosing any size storage shed, first consider what your storage needs are. Are you just planning to store some bikes? Do your lawn tools, pool toys, or furniture cushions need a place of their own? Or is it just the lawn mower and weed whacker that hasn’t found a home? For these situations, a small shed may be all you need. Following are some Historic Shed small storage options to consider:

Cupboard Shed
At a compact 2′-4″x2′-4″x5′-6″, this small storage shed has a beadboard batten door and crown molding along the roof line that give it ample character. The cupboard shed looks attractive on front and rear porches and can store everything from kids toys to yard tools to pool accessories (this one is filled with unruly pool “noodles” among other items). It can be fitted with shelves and/or hooks to meet many storage needs.

Outhouse Shed
In spite of their less than glamorous traditional function, outhouses are quite picturesque and are often the subject of paintings, sketches and photos. Our 4’x4’x6′ gable shed can hold a lawn mower, garden tools, patio chairs or a number of other items. It can be outfitted with shelves and hooks in an almost infinite array to meet your exact storage needs. To top it off, it will add a quaint element to any yard.

Trashcan/ Recycling Bin Storage
Want to hide your garbage cans and recycling, and keep the neighbor’s dog out of your trash at the same time? This 6′-6″x3′-0″x4′-6″ shed roof unit can hold two garbage cans or one can and two recycling bins (on shelves). This shed can be adapted to store up to 4 bicycles as well.

For these and other small storage ideas see our Small Storage page. If you have a small storage need that just won’t be met by an unattractive plastic or metal shed, give us a call and we will design a storage unit that will enhance your yard while meeting your exact needs.

Posted on April 17, 2010 12:55 pm

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