Traditional Building Letter to the President

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As a historic preservation consultant, I find writing about historic preservation and its numerous benefits one of the more difficult tasks to tackle. I have a passion for saving and restoring old buildings and feel good about the positive effects to communities, the environment and the economy, but never feel that I can convey that enthusiasm adequately when I write. Sometimes I feel like I am stating the obvious, spouting out common sense that doesn’t need to be said; other times it just comes out too dry and leaves out the very real human factor in preservation.

Judy L. Hayward, education director for Restore Media, LLC, publisher of Traditional Building magazine and Period Homes magazine, among other accomplishments, does not have this problem when she writes about historic preservation. She recently wrote a “Dear President Obama” forum post that outlines the benefits of historic preservation, tying in the economic, public and personal benefits in a very humble and practical manner. Most importantly, she does not lay the task of preserving and restoring our communities and their historic resources at just the government’s feet, but calls all citizens to action.

Posted on February 19, 2009 2:33 pm

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