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I stopped by a construction services office here in Florida the other day (I won’t say which one) to pick up a shed permit that was supposedly ready. We had concrete scheduled to be poured the next day.  As I was talking to the clerk he said, “Oh, you haven’t been to see Trees yet.” “Trees?” I said, “But, there aren’t any trees on the site.” “You have to go see Trees still,” he replied.

So I headed over to the Site Review person (this is different from the Zoning person I had already spent copious amounts of time with) and explained that we weren’t taking out any trees, and that there weren’t even any trees on the property. “The neighbor has trees nearby,” was the response. “You have to install a silt fence along the sides of the property – 20′ from where the shed will be installed.” “But, there is a solid fence along both sides of the property that sits on the ground,” I said (there were a lot of buts in this conversation from my side). “You still need a silt fence since dirt can run under the gap under the fence onto the neighbor’s property. The silt fence has to be buried 4″-6″ below grade. Their fence only sits on the ground.” “Really?” was all I could say in disbelief.

So I cancelled the concrete and we installed a silt fence along two sides of the property, then waited three days for an inspection. Now my permit is really ready (so they say).  And now I can schedule the concrete for the shed except that it is pouring rain and is expected to continue doing so (according to the forecast) at least in part every day for the next 10 days. At least no dirt is going to go under the fence during those 10 days.

Posted on August 21, 2012 4:25 pm
  1. Gene Slattery on Facebook

    That is not uncommon in Florida permitting jurisdictions. How about Zoning? Been to the Health Department? There is a County that once required that you have lot lines strung for a footing inspection, and the inspector looked at only that. You could have no steel in a footing, and you were good to go on that inspection. Yet another jurisdiction that required at Roof Dry In inspection, that window bucks be installed? WTF? CGC since ’82, and nothing amazes me.


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