Why a Shed is Green

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For Earth Day I thought it would be good to extol the virtues of sheds in relation to being Green in a post (and I’m talking about more than painting it Kermit colored).

  • A shed can add space to your home without requiring any demolition. No cutting through walls for access, ripping off a back porch or previous addition to make room for it. Just a brand new room, detached from the main house that can house anything from the lawn mower to weekend guests to your entire home office. Nothing goes to the landfill.
  • A shed can be built with salvaged materials; anything from old stained glass windows to old pallets can be recycled to make a shed. Great creative when you build your extra room.
  • A shed can drastically reduce commuting time and gas use. If you set your shed up for home office use you can walk to your backyard to go to work instead of wasting time idling in traffic each day. And the bonus of using a detached building for your office is that it doesn’t take up any additional space in your house and easily keeps work life separate from home life.
  • A shed is easy to condition. Because it’s a small space, a shed heats or cools down very quickly when insulated and conditioned with a small ac unit or mini-split system for greater energy eficiency. Plus you may be encouraged on pleasant days to throw open the windows and not condition the space at all.
  • A shed converted to a rental cottage increases community density, making the most of already developed land for additional residential units which means less sprawl.
  • Using a shed for an outdoor kitchen, home office, or playroom can encourage you to get outside and putter around in a garden and enjoy the great outdoors. The more time you spend outdoors, the more you appreciate Mother Earth!
We’d love to hear some others ideas on how a shed can help you live more Green!
Posted on April 22, 2011 2:05 pm

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