A Custom Bungalow Gable Shed

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Historic Shed recently completed this 10’x14′ custom  garden shed to complement a 1920s residence in the Hyde Park historic neighborhood in Tampa. The storage shed features a gable roof with exposed rafter tails and eave brackets similar to the main house.

Wood storage shed in Hyde Park Historic District, Tampa, FL

The 10’x14′ shed replaced a non-historic shed that had fallen into disrepair. Most likely, the spot originally was the location of a one-car garage, not much larger than this new shed.

Custom wood storage shed in Florida

The shed is simple in design, but rich in details such as the gable end brackets, custom gable louvered vent and cypress bead board double doors.

Bungalow garage gable end

The gable end vent was built out of cypress to complement one on the main house.

Custom windows and flower boxes for a bungalow shed in Tampa

A pair of 3-lite salvaged wood windows are located on the right side of the shed with cypress flower boxes supported by brackets for a finished look.

Posted on March 26, 2012 12:14 pm
  1. Alice

    Retired and thinking of selling my home and moving in with my daughter, a single Mom with 2 teen age girls. I would of course want my own space. She has a very large lot
    and I would like ideas for a small”shed” like building I could build and live in.
    I would need a small kitchen, bath and comfortable sitting/sleeping area. Also some closet space. My daughter and I have talked about this for some time. She is a full time school teacher on a limited budget, I could pay her rent and be of help doing shopping, cleaning and cooking. Any ideas or designs would be of great help. Thank you


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