Garden Sheds

Historic homes come with ample character and charm, but are often short on storage, both inside and out. Our Historic Shed™ custom designed sheds and outbuildings can help with a variety of storage and use issues while enhancing your historic Florida property. Each garden shed that we build features authentic traditional details and can be customized to reflect the historic character of your Florida home, whether its a Craftsman Bungalow, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern, or other traditional style home. Our shed styles are based on the roof shape and include Gable, Hipped and Mono-sloped (MiMo) versions. All Historic Shed ™ garden sheds arrive fully painted to your color choice.

Gable Sheds

Historic Shed™ Gable roof sheds are the perfect complement to Craftsman Bungalows, Colonial Revival, Shotgun and other gable roofed homes common to Florida. The roof slope, eave overhang dimension and rafter tail details can be adapted to complement the main house as well as adding eave brackets and custom gable-end vents. Our standard gable sheds feature custom built single or paired cedar batten doors with heavy duty hardware. Windows and transoms can be added as well.
Gable Shed Size*Price**
8'x8'$ 6,080.00
8'x10'$ 7,600.00
8'x12'$ 9,000.00
8'x14'$ 10,500.00
10'x10'$ 9,375.00
10'x12'$ 11,250.00
10'x14'$ 13,125.00
10'x16'$ 15,000.00
10'x18'$ 16,875.00
12'x12'$ 13,500.00
12'x14'$ 15,750.00
12'x16'$ 18,000.00
12'x18'$ 20,115.00
14'x16'$ 20,860.00
14'x18'$ 23,467.00
16'x16'$ 23,840.00
16'x18'$ 26,640.00
16'x20'$ 29,600.00
18'x18'$ 29,970.00
18'x20'$ 33,300.00

Hipped Sheds

Historic Shed™ hipped sheds are designed to complement Bungalows, American Foursquare, French Colonial and other hipped roofed homes common to Florida. The roof slope, eave overhang dimension and soffit details can be adapted to complement the main house. Our standard hipped sheds feature custom built single or paired cedar batten doors with heavy duty hardware, but can be upgraded to French doors. You can also add windows on any shed wall.
Hipped Shed Size*Price**
8'x8'$ 6,120.00
8'x10'$ 7,650.00
8'x12'$ 9,060.00
8'x14'$ 10.570.00
10'x10'$ 9,437.00
10'x12'$ 11,325.00
10'x14'$ 13,212.00
10'x16'$ 15,100.00
10'x18'$ 16,987.00
12'x12'$ 13,590.00
12'x14'$ 15,855.00
12'x16'$ 18,120.00
12'x18'$ 20,250.00
14'x14'$ 18,375.00
14'x16'$ 21,000.00
14'x18'$ 23,625.00
16'x16'$ 24,000.00
16'x18'$ 26,820.00
16'x20'$ 29,800.00
18'x18'$ 30,172.00

MiMo Sheds

The Historic Shed™ MiMo custom storage shed has a shed roof (mono-slope) shape. This shed is the perfect complement to Mid-century Modern (MiMo) homes or for owners of non-traditional homes who prefers a more contemporary shape. The base shed comes with cypress batten doors, but it also looks great with single or paired French doors. Outriggers can be added to support wide eaves and windows can be added as well as transoms. Due to height/ roof slope constraints, this style shed is offered in fewer size options.
MiMo Shed Size*Price**
6'x8'$ 4,860.00
8'x8'$ 6,000.00
8'x10'$ 7,500.00
8'x12'$ 8,880.00
8'x14'$ 10,360.00
10'x10'$ 9,250.00
10'x12'$ 11,100.00
10'x14'$ 12,950.00
10'x16'$ 14,800.00
12'x12'$ 13,320.00
12'x14'$ 15,540.00
12'x16'$ 17,760.00
12'x18'$ 19,845.00
12'x20'$ 22,050.00
* Additional sizes available. Call for pricing.

** Installed within within 65 miles, or roughly 75 minute drive of our Brooksville facility (including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Ocala). Historic Shed ™ outbuildings can sometimes be delivered and installed throughout the rest of Florida for an additional charge. We do not currently offer kits for shipping.

Prices subject to change as material prices fluctuate.

Customize Your Historic Shed to Suit Your Needs

Our standard sheds come with lap siding, solid wood batten doors, dimensional asphalt roof shingles on a moderate roof pitch, and are set on a pressure treated wood deck; however, we offer many options to create a shed that is just right for you.

Available Options/ Upgrades

  • Fixed and operable windows meeting FL Product Approvals
  • Single or Double French Doors
  • Transoms over doors (Gable and MiMo only)
  • Board and Batten Siding
  • Wall Shingles
  • Jerkinhead/ Clipped Gable Ends
  • Eave supports: Outriggers
  • Eave supports: Brackets
  • Metal Roof (5-V Crimp or Corrugated)
  • Steep roof pitch
  • Concrete Slab
  • Dormers
  • Need further customizing? CALL US
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