A Shed for a Florida Artist

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Historic Shed was contacted by an artist in Ormond Beach, Florida to design and build a unique shed to be used as an art studio.  The studio shed incorporates a salvaged wood door with sidelights, a dutch door and lots of windows. To top it off, it has a fun color scheme, perfect for the beach location.

The 10’x14′ shed set in the yard.

The shed allows for lots of natural light with 5 windows (3 on the opposite side) and a single light door with matching sidelights.

The east elevation has a custom built cypress bead board dutch door.

The south elevation features a salvaged 1920s wood door with matching sidelights. A craftsman overhang protects the door.

The 1920s door has a mechanical doorbell and original hardware.

Cedar shed wall interiors



Posted on November 14, 2012 8:44 pm