Bungalow Shed

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Historic Shed recently completed the construction of this custom designed gable roof storage shed to complement a historic home in the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood in Tampa, FL. The shed uses design elements from the main house such as roof slope, exposed rafter tails, eave brackets, metal 5-V crimp roof, and gable end vent to create a shed that blends seamlessly in the bungalow neighborhood. The new shed replaced a historic garage that had extensive termite damage. Since the new shed was under 150 sf, the project did not require a permit under Tampa’s regulations, but did get approved by the local historic preservation office.

Custom wood storage shed in Tampa

The new shed, designed and built by Historic Shed, uses cypress siding with the same exposure as on the main house. A salvaged wood window has the same configuration as original wood windows on the house.

Tampa Historic Shed Gable Shed

The shed features paired cypress bead board carriage house style doors.

Posted on August 22, 2012 2:38 pm
    1. Historic Shed

      I can’t find my notes for this particular shed, but I believe it was a Home Depot Behr color named Carriage Door, and the color either one shade up or one shade down on the color card. The lighter for the body, and the darker for the door. The photos here don’t really reflect the way the colors look since it was overcast.


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