The shed that gets the most "oohs" and "aahs" when we are out at shows is definitely the Snack Shack we built in Palm Harbor a few years ago. Painted in  fun colors, it conjures up sunny days with umbrella adorned drinks in hand. With our latest Coastal Breeze Snack Shack, I think we have another ideal tropical back yard, and this one is available as a vacation rental.

Installing theHistoric Shed Snack Shack
Installing the Coastal Breeze Snack Shack
Bar openings
The bar features two awning shutters that open for cocktail hour. The front 4' of the shed is used for the bar, the rear is for storage. The bar has a 4' covered porch deck.
Pub Shed by Pool
The 12'x14' Snack Shack Pub Shed nestles nicely by the pool.
Pub shed in pool area
A view from the yard looks rather inviting.
Tropical Shed
The shed is designed to complement the house and the yard.
Pub Shed Bar Opening
The homeowners had to make sure it worked. The inside of the bar was finished with tongue and groove pine.
Pub Shed
12'x14' Historic Shed Snack Shack Shed ready for company!

One of our customer favorites is the tropical Snack Shack that we built in Palm Harbor with combination bar and storage shed. The shed design was recently adapted for a narrow site behind a historic Craftsman style home in the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood in Tampa. The resulting shed was 8'x18' version with framing details that complemented the historic home. The shed was approved by the local historic preservation office.

Craftsman porch framing
Details from the main house that drove the shed design
Shed Construction
Building the shed at the Historic Shed shop
Craftsman Pub Shed
Installation of the Craftsman Snack Shack shed on site
pub shed interior
Bar interior
Pub Shed Interior detail
Ventilation door between the pub and storage areas
Pub doors
Awning doors locked down
Shed interior
Interior of the storage shed area
Bar shed
The finished shed with awnings closed
Awning pulleys
Pulleys that open the bar doors
Pool Shed
The shed sits nicely by the pool

Plans for this shed are now available for sale at:

Historic Shed was approached by a homeowner in Palm Harbor to design and build a custom shed to serve as both storage and a covered family bar seating area. The shed we designed and built is 12'x18' with a 4' covered porch area. The shed was divided by an  interior wall into a 13' storage area and a 4' bar area to house snack and drink storage and a television. The storage area is accessed by a double set of carriage house style doors on the side. The bar area has a single door access on the side and two awning covered opening with a wide cypress counter-top. The awnings are opened using a pulley system. The project is delightfully accented by a tropical color scheme.

Shed Design by Historic Shed

The shed from the front looking at the bar seating area
The bar seating area with the shutters open
The shed seen from the side showing the double access doors to the storage area
Tropical Shed
The right side of the Snack Shack showing the bar entry
Interior of the bar area with cypress counter-top and shutters closed. The interior is finished with bead board style plywood


Seating area
Landscaping installed
Landscaping installed


And decorated
And decorated

See another version of the Snack Shack here: