Custom Shed with Great Brackets

Some home details are just so lovely they just have to be replicated. For this 10'x12' shed that Historic Shed built in the historic Duckpond Neighborhood in Gainesville, Florida, the eave brackets and unique gable vents were replicated to create a one of a kind shed. The result is a main house and shed that harmonize very well. The shed design was reviewed and approved by the local historic preservation office.

Gainesville custom storage shed with eave brackets
10'x12' custom shed with French doors and interesting eave brackets
Historic Shed Vent detail
Shed vent detail complements the main house
Craftsman eave brackets
Craftsman eave brackets being prepped for for a Historic Shed storage shed
Historic Shed installation Gainesville Florida
Historic Shed installation
Craftsman Bracket Detail on Historic House
The original Craftsman bracket detail on the historic Duckpond house
Craftsman Gable Vent
The existing gable vent on the historic home - note the different outrigger detail on this side of the house

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