Detached Carports

In Florida, we don't always need a full garage to protect our vehicles. We prefer to keep our cars out of the sun and rain, but since we don't deal with snow, walls are nice, but not required. Therefore, many homes built after the 1920s, when cars became commonplace, have integral carports as part of the design in Florida, even when they also have a detached garage.

Mission style residence designed with an integral carport built in the 1920s.

Bungalow with integral carport built in the 1920s with a detached garage to the rear.

Historic detached carport for a bungalow. This one has storage built in along the side.

Detached carport at a Tudor style home in Tampa.

MiMo Carport

Integral carport on a Mid Century Modern home

Other Florida homes have a detached carport design that is easy to add to any historic home property. These designs date from the 1880s through today, with elements from Craftsman Bungalows, Colonial Revival, and Mid-Century Modern all used to make unique and useful structures.

Detached simple gable car port for a bungalow found in Tampa.

Detached car port with triple columns for a Minimal Traditional home located in Tampa.

Historic Shed can custom design a detached car port to complement your historic home to protect your car and enhance your yard. Each design can incorporate details from the main house, using traditional materials and design elements that will look right at home at your historic property. These structures can double as entertainment pavilions as well for special occasions.

Carport designed and built by Historic Shed in St. Augustine.

Some various carport/ storage options that may work for you:


Front gable single car carport with side storage


Hipped roof single car carport with side storage


Side Gable single car carport with side storage


Gable two-car carport with storage to the rear


Hipped roof single car carport with storage to the rear

Hipped roof two-car carport with storage to the rear

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