We can hardly believe it’s been almost six months since we moved into our little house.  So sorry it has taken us this long to express our sentiments regarding the shared experience we had in creating our little gem.  The four of us had the same mind set and alongside you it was seemingly effortless and loads of fun debating all the important decisions.  It was a work of art in progress and at the hands of a professional and a true craftsman.  Amazing it took us two years to find you, a designer and contractor who utilize a combination of critical design with modern sensibilities and old style construction technique.  In addition, you were diligent, fair and affordable.  Our visitors are fascinated with the utilization of space and the simplicity of it.  They always exclaim about the air conditioned space being less than 500 sq ft and how the french doors opening onto the porch and the cathedral ceiling in the living space create a feeling of roominess.  The separation of the bedroom, bathroom, and utility area from the living space makes it feel more like a “real” home and they love the whimsical addition of the outside deck and bathtub.  There seems to be a lot to absorb as they point to fine details – the beams, the wood interior, the attention to old style framing and traditional features like your hand-made window screen and doors. The blend of modern elements are smartly subtle as to not disrupt the old charm feel.   Some think they are touring a renovated structure.  One guest said she felt like she was sitting in an image on the cover of a coastal cottage magazine.  Keep it up and many wishes for continued success on your own terms—you truly do provide a lost art.

Love the cottage…can’t wait for my first guests. I bet it will always have visitors.