D and I were discussing the shed a few days ago and she talked about how she was very hesitant to go forward given the costs of "a shed"...but after seeing the final product, she said "I am so happy you insisted we use Historic Shed! No other shed would have looked right in that location - it completes the space perfectly." D's father told me that most houses he's seen aren't built this well.

My view through the Ring security camera doesn't really show me close-ups - but I was able to watch the work being done. Although no one fell in the pool (that I saw), I did see the crew covering the fence and some of the pool deck to protect from paint/other damages. They even put a drop cloth over the pool basketball hoop at one point. I really appreciate your crew taking the time to do things like that.

I can't wait until we get the landscaping done - and I also can't wait to come home from this deployment and see it in person!

Thank you for building the perfect shed for us.