My wife and I live in a lovely 1920’s bungalow in a historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. As those who live in bungalows can attest, they aren’t exactly spacious nor do they exactly live up to modern storage standards. We wanted more storage space but we didn’t want to destroy our home’s aesthetic by purchasing a plastic prefab shed. We started contacting shed companies and everyone we talked to couldn’t understand why a faux barn or some composite monstrosity wouldn’t be acceptable nestled among craftsmen, foursquares and cottages.When I contacted Historic Shed they were very excited to take on our project. They asked for a photo of our house, which we were happy to oblige. Within a very short time of receiving our photo, they had sent us a plan for a structure that complemented our house’s architecture and matched the roof pitch and brackets.When Historic Shed received our go ahead they pulled all the permits and made our case with Tampa’s ARC. The process went very smoothly and progressed quickly from approval to construction. The construction time was short and the crew was skilled and very professional. The shed is solid and when our neighbor (who builds luxury homes for a living), came over to see it, he remarked that it was really well constructed. We love our new shed. It’s freed our small house of clutter and we think it’s perfectly at home next to buildings 80 years its senior.