A Historic Shed Storage Building for a Side Yard

Not all sheds have to be freestanding in the backyard. Side yards can provide much needed storage areas and go from barely used to extremely useful with the proper shed set next to the side of a house. Sheds can range in size from large to small, depending on your storage needs and allowable space.

Custom garden shed

6'x12' Historic Shed garden shed set adjacent to the house, making use of the sideyard for storage.

potting shed

The shed roof design allows the garden shed to be placed adjacent to the house.

Potting shed doors

The bead board doors provide an attractive detail on the shed, enhancing the yard.

Narrower yards may not be able to accommodate a shed quite this large, but you still can usually add some significant storage space. The Historic Shed Thin Storage Shed and Thin Gable Shed fit nicely in tight side yards while still allowing a walkable path. Historic Shed outbuildings and storage units can be customized for nearly any size space.

Side Yard Potting Shed

This narrow storage shed by Historic Shed can add much needed space along the side of a house, even on narrow lots.

Small garden shed

This thin gable roof shed by Historic Shed can be placed in a side yard as well.

For more tight space storage ideas, see the small storage page on our website.

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